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WebHosting Overview

Begin to design and publish your own site with one of the most popular control panels.

cPanel is the next generation web hosting control panel system. cPanel is extremely feature rich and includes an easy to use web based interface (GUI). cPanel is designed for the end users of your system and allows them to control everything from adding / removing email accounts to administering MySQL databases. For a comprehensive list of cPanel features including screen shots, please click here.


            No Registered Domain?

If you do not have any registered domain you can create your website under a subdomain of Webhosting- for -free.com totally free.

You can rename or change your account name or point your account to your domain later. Just send us an email.



           Be online in 10 minutes

With our fully automated registration system you can get your free account in less than 10 minutes.

So experience designing and publishing your own website on the World Wide Web now.

            No CC Needed, No Ads

Our services are completely free. No payment of any sort is required, no add of any sort is obligated. You do not need a credit card for registration.



Package Price


Package Features


Disk Storage

100 MB

Monthly Bandwidth

1000 MB

Advertising Banner NO
POP mail box


FTP accounts



Web Access of POP E-mail

No Banners/pop ups

Mailing list

Advertising email

File manager

FTP access

FrontPage Ext.

Webalizer Report

Analog Report

AWstate Report

Form mail

Web Password Protection


Instant Configuration

With the fully automated registering system get online instantly. You will no need for credit card nor domain name. Get started now and start upload your site to your fully featured free account immediately.

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